Friday, July 03, 2015

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The International Counterproliferation Program (ICP) has provided expert training to over 14,900 participants from 75 countries, including police, border officials, investigators, customs officials, first responders and national security executives involved with counterproliferation activities on and within their borders. The ICP Portal is a limited-access platform which seeks to continue the engagement and collaboration initiated through ICP courses. ICPP offers registration to participants of ICP courses, officials referred by prior course participants, and other officials authorized by the program.

NOTE: Effective July 6, 2015, the International Counterproliferation Program Portal will no longer be available. If there is any material you would like to access prior to July 6, please do so.
After that date, you may contact us at for any program needs.

ICPP communications are not private as the Portal is being monitored for fraudulent and malicious use. If a user engages in unauthorized activity on ICPP, his/her user account will be deactivated.